My thoughts on Street Photography after 2 years

Street photography is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing everyday life scenes in public spaces. It is an art form that has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the rise of social media and easy access to high-quality cameras.

This genre can be very diverse in terms of themes, from people going about their daily routines to unexpected situations that arise on the street. For this reason, photographers who practice this genre must always be attentive to their surroundings and be able to capture unique and irreproducible moments.

One of the main characteristics of street photography is that it is spontaneous. Photographers cannot plan in advance the situations that will arise on the street, but must always be alert and ready to capture any moment that catches their attention. In my personal experience as a street photographer in Madrid, I don't like to capture people. This opens up a debate about whether this is still street photography or urban photography. It is a long topic that I will deal with in the future in a single post.

The equipment used in street photography is very varied, from compact cameras to reflex cameras. The most important thing is that the photographer has a camera that allows them to capture high-quality images and is easy to transport.

In addition to the camera, they often use wide-angle lenses that allow them to capture more details in their photos. Fixed lenses are also very popular, as they allow for faster shutter speeds and greater sharpness in the images. My favorite lens for street is 35mm.

One of the main difficulties that street photographers face is the need to obtain permission from the people who appear in their photos. In many countries, privacy laws can be very strict and photographers can be fined or even arrested if they do not obtain permission from the people who appear in their photos.

To avoid legal problems, many street photographers choose to photograph people from behind or from a distance, or use the technique of silhouette photography to avoid showing the faces of the people who appear in their photos.

Lighting is another important factor in street photography. Often, photographers have to deal with unfavorable lighting conditions, such as direct sunlight or lack of light on cloudy days. For this reason, it is important for photographers to know the different lighting techniques and to be able to quickly adapt to changing conditions.

Another popular technique in street photography is the use of reflections. Photographers can use the reflections of buildings or nearby objects to create interesting and appealing compositions.

In street photography, framing is fundamental. Photographers must be able to find the right angle to capture the scene they want and avoid distracting elements that can ruin the composition of the image.

Composition is also important in street photography. Photographers must be able to create balanced images that capture the essence of the scene they are photographing.

It is also a way of documenting social changes and cultural trends. Photographers can capture images that reflect the diversity of the communities they live in, and document the transformations that occur in urban landscapes over time.

Color is an important element that can convey different moods and emotions. We use color to create a sense of harmony or contrast in their images, and to highlight certain elements of the scene.

Black and white photography is also popular in street photography, as it can create a timeless and classic look that emphasizes the shapes and textures of the scene.

In street photography, the use of blur can create a sense of movement and dynamism in the image. We can use slow shutter speeds to capture the movement of people and objects in the scene, and create images that convey a sense of energy and life.

I do street photography for for personal development, these two years have undoubtedly improved as a photographer and especially in composition techniques.

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